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Don’t Create a Solar Landing Page without Knowing This

DATE PUBLISHED: January 23, 2014

It’s common for solar businesses to create a landing page to promote their best products and services to new leads. After all, a landing page can increase conversions up to a staggering 500%.  solar landing page

However, did you know that only 22% of businesses are actually satisfied with their conversion rates and only 13% claim that their landing page optimization strategy is “very successful” (ion interactive)?

Yes, a landing page can certainly boost your bottom line, but that’s only possible if you know and observe these solar landing page tips:

5-Second Rule

Five seconds. That’s the most time you have to get your leads’ attention and convince them to read on and take action. In fact, there’s a study showing that people tend to make a decision within 50 milliseconds of seeing a web page. That means if you can’t make an impression with the first few words or image on your solar landing page, you're out!

Simplicity Is Beauty

A landing page doesn’t need to be too fancy or too long. All it needs are the following:

  • A design that matches your brand platform.
  • Concise content clearly stating the benefits the prospective clients will get from your offer (e.g., a comprehensive list of solar benefits for residential and commercial users).
  • A no-frills form that requires minimal information (e.g., name, email, and location)

Show, Don’t Just Tell

Pure text doesn't just make people bored; it make landing pages look dull and uninviting. Liven up your solar landing page with relevant images such as an infographic, simple caricatures, an additional offer, a sneak peak of what your leads will get upon signing up or a quick informative video.

Videos are excellent additions to landing pages and, with a dash of creativity, are known to increase conversion rates by 86% (EyeView).

Do Epic Splits

No, we’re not talking about a flexibility test. We’re talking about split testing or using two or more landing pages to see which appeals to your target audience better. You can test a design, text format, copy, signup form design and the like for each landing page you want to test. Once all landing pages are tested, you can then compare results (based on leads’ immediate action, sources, and backgrounds) to decide which landing page you should use and further optimize.

Go Mobile

Virtually everyone today is using mobile devices to access websites. If your solar landing page isn’t mobile friendly in terms of accessibility, loading time, resolution and responsiveness then you stand to lose a lot more leads than you can convert. If you can’t create a mobile version of your landing page at the moment, you can at least try to consider and tweak the parts of your page that might become an issue for mobile users.

Follow Through

What do you make your leads do after visiting your landing page and signing up? For many, the answer is “nothing” because they have already acquired the information they need. However, not following up with your leads may make them confused, especially if they signed up to get something you offered. Giving a confirmation through a “Thank you” page and leading them to your solar website or social media profiles for further interaction will yield better results and even give you additional sales and referrals.

Your solar landing page can make or break your business, so make it as appealing and optimized as possible with the tips we shared with you today.

And if you want more people to see your landing page, check out and download our 30 Lead Gen Tips ebook below. 

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