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What Is A Schema Markup and Why Is It Important For SEO?

In 2011 Google, Bing and Yahoo got together and created schema markup, part of schema.org, which is simply a “...

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The Buyer’s Journey: A Lead Nurturing Story

Marketing professionals are often talking about the “buyer’s journey,” and this leaves many wondering what thi...

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6 Steps for Recovering from a Marketing Disaster

You know that awful feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you screw up in your marketing ad? Yea, I ...

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Palmer Ad Agency & FCCU Receive 2018 Diamond Awards

FCCU Wins Best Complete Campaign and Point of Sale Display & Retail Merchandising Awards Thanks to the Palmer ...

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Why You Should Think of Branding Like a Marriage

You’ve carefully picked out your brand colors, fonts, shapes and more. Maybe you’ve even had a logo designed t...

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