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Tips for Off-Season PPC Solar Campaigns

In the past few weeks we here at Palmer HQ in San Francisco have been experiencing some pretty intense rain an...

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Inbound & Outbound Solar Marketing Strategies

Due to its high ROI and relatively low costs, your solar company probably already has a robust inbound marketi...

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How to Build a Successful Solar Marketing Campaign

Marketing and sales alignment is a must for businesses to succeed. Just think about it like this: we have two ...

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How to Keep Up with Content Creation for the Solar Industry

Solar firms looking to create an inbound marketing strategy built on compelling content are faced with a class...

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What Are Psychographics?

“I’ve heard the term 'demographics' used with respect to targeting my potential customers, but now I’m hearing...

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5 Reasons Why Inbound Marketing Is a Perfect Fit for B2B Solar

By now it's pretty obvious that the internet has changed the way people make shopping decisions. Whether it's ...

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